Undercover Dual Density 58mm Wheel

by: Undercover

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Every superior product has a story with years of research behind it, and the Dual Density wheel from UC has a story that goes back 15 years.

Back in 1997 Tribe, the company that owned Senate, 976 and Medium, launched a new brand that was in fact the creation of Arlo Eisenberg. That company was SCR, Super Computer Robot. The concept was simple, the best wheels in the world for the best skaters in the world. The chemist and producer, who was based at hyper, was, and still is, the world's best wheel pourer. The union of brand and pourer announced the birth of Dual Density, a groundbreaking new wheel for skating.

The Dual Density SCR wheels were halted after the prototype stage, and never reached final production - the market had crashed, and SCR was gone.

Two years ago UC wheels decided to find the original chemist and found a man who continues to make the worlds' finest wheels in every rolling segment. DD wheels was back, and by joining forces UC was able to be sure that these wheels would be the best ever created: Faster, with more grip alongside built-in suspension and shock absorption - now it is time to release the finest aggressive wheels ever made.

Wheels: Dual Density 58/92A Wheel for Aggressive Inline Skating, soft inner core, out of longlasting Superurethane PU

Shape/radius: flat shape

Made in the USA


  • Made in the USA 58mm Core with soft inside and a hard outside
  • Special mechanical and chemical compounds
  • Dual pour
  • Extra long life
  • More rebound than any other wheel in existence allowing for previously unmatched speed
  • Suspension and shock absorbing function
  • More grip on corners thanks to more footprint
  • Dual Density - The next level of wheel technology NOW - Only from Uundercover
  • set = 4 wheels

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