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Congratulations Danny Beer on receiving the first 909 Pro Skate from Them Skates! This skate is only offered as a complete with super limited 909 boots with Intuition liners inside. It is also equipped with the new Them Street Frames designed by Kyle Sola and 8 Them Danny Beer Pro Wheels with bearings. 

Danny Beer 909 (Transparent shell)

Full Skate Breakdown: 
$425 BOOTS AND LINER Pro Model Danny Beer Shell and Intuition Liner
$75 THEM STREET frames Designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio
$60 8 THEM 58mm wheels Pro Model Danny Beer Wheels
$20 ABEC 5 stock bearings
DANNY PRO COMPLETE $580 value offered as a $500 Complete

New Individual Sizing:
By introducing individual sizing Them Skates is able to expand its size range to even more skaters.

New Individual Size Chart:
Size XS Boots and Souls:
5 - 5.5 US / 23 - 23.5 cm (same fit as current THEM Intuition size XS Liner)
6 - 6.5 US / 24 - 24.5 cm (NEW size with lower volume foam)

SIZE SMALL Boots and Souls:
7 - 7.5 US / 25 - 25.5 cm  (same fit as current THEM Intuition size Small Liner)
8 - 8.5 US / 26 - 26.5 cm (NEW size with lower volume foam)

SIZE MEDIUM Boots and Souls:
9 - 9.5 US / 27 - 27.5 cm (same fit as current THEM Intuition size Medium Liner)
10 - 10.5 US / 28 - 28.5 cm (NEW size with lower volume foam)

SIZE LARGE Boots and Souls:
11 - 11.5 US / 29 - 29.5 cm (same fit as current THEM Intuition size Large Liner)
12 - 12.5 US / 30 - 30.5 cm (NEW size with lower volume foam)

Danny Beer 909 Them Skates. Offered now in 8 different sizes. 

UFS street skating frame, designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio.
Low h-block position, designed for use with flat or anti-rocker wheel setups.
Durable, low-friction material, made from injection-mold glass-filled nylon.
Precision-milled aluminum frame spacers.
Custom-made steel axles, with asymmetric head - only needs one tool to tighten or loosen.
Low riding height - 30mm from top of frame to middle of axles.
Dimensions: Two wheelbase lengths - 250mm or 270mm wheelbase.
Fits up-to 58mm wheels for flat-rocker setups. 110mm distance between middle wheels.

Our pre-orders are live with the amount of numbers coming in. 
Submit order asap to secure a pair. These will sell out. Ships Early November 2020.

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