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by: Seba

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The thought of another carbon-fiber high performing skate on the market does indeed make us salivate. As technical enthusiasts, the designers should sleep easy with the care and attention to detail they put into the Seba Trix Pro Skates. But, just why are they so exacting?

The carbon fiber shell provides both power transfer and the precision required to perform technical tricks without compromise or latency

The triangle cuff provides flexibility and supports only in the necessary areas. This reduces the weight of the skate and limits pressure points around the ankle. Combined with spider buckles on both the top and 45 straps your foot will be locked into the boot minimising unwanted movement. 

The V2 rockered frame is the perfect addition to any freestyle skate. The 2mm rocker enables and encourages fluidity of movement.  By distributing your weight on either side of the frame, the rocker will engage and start to turn in the direction of your weight. This is an odd phenomenon the first time you try rockering, but becomes very fun, very quickly (though not advised for recreational skating). 

The Hyper Concrete +G wheels should give you all the confidence you'll need. Hyper makes some of the highest performing freestyle wheels there is with a balanced formula for grip and performance. 

If you're looking for unrivalled performance, style and composure on your skates, then look no further than the Seba Trix Pro Skates. 


Liners: Integrated Liners with Premium Insoles
Closure: Ankle Velcro Strap, Mid Ratchet Strap, Bottom Velcro Strap and Laces
Cuff: Triangle Cuff (Customisable to Carbon/Highlight Cuff)
Shells: Carbon and Fiberglass
Frames: "V" Rockered Frames - Sizes 34-39: 231mm / Sizes 40-47: 243mm
Plate: 5 Hole Energy Plates
Wheels: Hyper Concrete +G 84a  Wheels - Sizes 34-39: 76mm / Sizes 40-47: 80mm
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9

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