Seba SX Wizard Setup Carbon

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The Wizard frame is the first maneuverable long frame for inline skating. This setup is combined with the Seba SX boot and intuition liner. With all these parts combined they make the perfect Wizard Setup.

Using the Natural Rocker geometry, the Wizard frame combines balance, speed and maneuverability like no other product on the market.

Wizard Frame Features:

  • Natural Rocker Geometry
  • UFS mounting system
  • Single axle bolts
  • Made in USA

Seba SX Boot:

  • Carbon Fiber + Fiberglass Boot
  • Integrated liner
  • Safety Buckle / laces / power strap
  • Heel Shock Absorber

Intuition Liner:

  • Intuition skate liners improve fit and maximizes energy transfer! Using Intuitions propriety high density foam these liners will get molded perfectly to the shape of your foot with your body heat within a few hours of use. These liners are thinner and more comfortable than anything else on the market! The liner comes with two removable cuffs of different stiffness for improved control and comfort or if you like a lot of flex try them without either.

Available in 90mm, 100mm or 110mm.

Please order ahead as there is a minimum 2-4 week turn around time on all Wizard Boots and Completes.

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