SEBA SX 2 Freeride Complete Skates

by: Seba

The SX 2 is a rigid molded plastic shell skate with a comfortable integrated liner and UFS mounting. It comes with the 80mm Seba Street Invader wheels which makes the SX2 a good option for your freeride skate experience. The SX2 has a plastic cuff and a 45 degree instep strap that guarantees a close fit and a comfortable skating experience and can be equipped with the Seba Soul Plates. 

Features: High Density Shell, for Extended Durability.- Integrated Liner & Extra Foam: Lighter, more comfortable, more precise.- Customizable with CJ & SX Custom Kits (colors for sole plates, frames, cuffs, laces, straps…)- UFS compatible - Heel Shock Absorber UFS Aluminum Deluxe frame 4x80mm; Street Invaders 80mm/84A Bearings: TWINCAM MW9 - MW series made out of 7 balls, for resistance & grade 9, for great speed.


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