Seba Igor 10 White Limited Edition Freestyle Skate Sale

by: Seba

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Seba iGoR designed for the dedicated freestyle skater with performance as the focus. Built with carbon fiber for light weight, superior support and maximum responsiveness. Features an integrated liner to transfer the slightest movement from your feet to your wheels for ultimate control. This boot can be used for almost all types of skating. 

  • Igor Cheremetieff‘s word: " I wanted this skate to reflect my skating style. Its stiffness lets you skate well in any discipline. The tightening system on a full carbon boot brings precision, reactivity and a great weight vs durability ratio, which are absolutely needed for practicing Freestyle at the TOP level. This new version is a little more sober, and we worked a lot on the fitting. Will you be strong enough to skate it 100% of its skills?"

    Perfect for Freestyle, Slalom, Artistic and City-Skating.

    Technical details:

    • Boots: Full Carbon Shell + Carbon Cuff with Integrated Liner, Size 34-47 
    • Closing: Spider Micrometric Buckles X2 + Toe Strap + Laces 
    • Frames: Deluxe Rockered Aluminum, 231mm (34-39) or 243mm (40-47)
    • Wheels: Street Invaders 80 mm/ 84A (40-47) or 76 mm/ 84A (34-39)
    • Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Slalom Pro
    • Aluminum Mounting Plates, 2×7 holes

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