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2021 SEBA Collection 


  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZES: 34-47
  • OPTIONS: High custom color kits
  • FRAMES: V2 Flat Frames 243mm 4x80 wheels
  • WHEELS: Hyper Concrete 80mm/84A
  • BEARINGS: Twincam ILQ9 PRO
  • PLATE: 7 Hole Energy Plate
  • LINERS: Integrated
  • INSOLE: Premium Insole
  • SHELL: Carbon Boot + Fiberglass + PU Cuff
  • USE: Freestyle, Freeride, City Skating

  • Variant: EU38/USM6 / Black


    The Seba High Light Carbon Skates is part of the next generation of 'high" skates from Seba. 

    The first notable point to make is with the carbon fibre shell, ergonomically designed to provide support exactly where it is needed. Further enhanced by a triple point boot closure system this is one of the most responsive skates on the market. 

    The Deluxe V.2 flat frames ensure the weight reduction of the skate is maximised and offers excellent power transfer and responsiveness. The flat configuration makes this skate stable and very suited for fast city skating and control. 

    The 7 Hole Energy Plate is the glue between the frame and the boot and makes everything work in synergy. Without this crucial element, the skate would lose it's precision and performance. This plate also allows you to make frame adjustments laterally and on the vertical axis. 

    The Hyper Concrete +G wheels should give you all the confidence you'll need. Hyper makes some of the highest performing freestyle wheels there is with a balanced formula for grip and performance. 

    Twincam ILQ 9 Pro Bearings are some of the highest quality you can buy. There is a lot to be said about bearings, but all you need to know is that these are produced for performance.

    All together the High light Carbon skates look incredible with its black-out colourway and white laces. A truly comprehensive package ready for multiple situations.

    Why would I choose the High Light Carbon over the Trix 80, Trix 80 Pro or the High Light Carbon Competition?

    With the High Light Carbon, you'd be getting a skate which utilises a traditional plastic cuff which offers all-round support and better flexibility than a carbon cuff. The High lIght Carbon also comes with a Flat configuration frame, making it better suited for city skating (or just skating really fast).


    Liners   Integrated Liners with Premium Insoles
    Closure Ankle Ladder Strap, Mid Ratchet Strap, Bottom Velcro Strap and Laces
    Boot Carbon and Fiberglass
    Frames "V" Flat 243mm Frames
    Plate 7 Hole Energy Plates
    Wheels Hyper Concrete 80mm/84A
    Bearings ILQ9 Pro
    Use Freestyle, Freeride and City Skating

    Size Tip
    If in doubt buy one size bigger than your regular shoe size. The Seba High style of skates can fit a little narrow (though usually regular in length).

    USA Customers

    The US size stated is US mens sizing. Please consider this before making your purchase.

    These skates fit REGULAR in size so you can usually buy the same size as you would in shoes.
    General Tips:

    • We find that measuring your feet in cm's is usually deceptive. Try and base your decision generally on the above info.
    • If you are a half-size and the skate you are buying does not come in half sizes then round your size UP
    • If you are in doubt about your true size then round your size UP
    • Some skates are made with 'shared shell sizes'. 

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