Seba FR3 84 2016/2017

by: Seba

Affordable and fully featured - the new best choice for an affordable pro skate. Compared to the cheaper SEBA FRX model it comes with more durable buckle over the instep and energy plates (read more below).

The FR-boot itself offers high-quality workmanship and fitting. The new well-padded FR liner offers a great fit and is very comfortable. Due to the buckle on the cuff and the 45 ° buckle over the instep the foot is held firmly in the correct position. All parts are screwed together and thus easily replaceable.

The skate shell has a built in aluminum plate ("Energy Plates") that allows for more precise skating and better energy transfer. The new SEBA X2R 243mm Aluminum frame is screwed directly in the plate for better reactivity. The plate is equipped with 7 mounting holes in front and 7 mounting holes in back to ensure you can adapt the position to your preferences. Also, this new X2R frames are rockerable on the first and last wheel position. This way you can switch the setup for slalom in a few seconds.

Freeride skates are designed for special requirements in terms of maneuverability and speed. A very narrow wheelbase allows complicated maneuvers without problems. Stiff but comfortable. Maneuverable & overall very technical. Ideal for city skating, jumps, slides, capable of resisting to grinds. 


  • Skate type: Freeskate 
  • Boot Construction: Hardboot
  • Closure: Lacing + Buckles
  • Liner: SEBA FR Liner 2016
  • Shock Absorber: Yes
  • Cuff: SEBA FR Cuff
  • Frame: SEBA X2R 243mm Aluminium Frame
  • Frame Type: Flat (Rockerable)
  • Wheels: SEBA Street Kings 80mm/85a

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