Seba FR1 325 with V2 Intuition Skate Liners

by: Seba

Get one of the best urban/recreational skate set-ups on the market! We've combined one of Seba's most popular skate boots, the FR1 with the newest, high quality V2 Intuition Skate liners and Seba 325 wheel/frame set-up to offer you the ultimate skate that maximizes speed and agility while minimizing discomfort. Perfect for those long skate sessions exploring city streets or your favorite park trail.

The FR-boot itself offers high-quality workmanship and fitting. Due to the very durable metal buckle on the cuff and the 45 ° buckle over the instep the foot is held firmly in the correct position. All parts are screwed together and thus easily replaceable.

Why three wheels? Because it's the future! The skate is lighter, it is lower than a 4-wheel skate with the same wheel size and above all you are faster and more agile! Another great feature of the frame is the variable space between the wheels. The second wheel was shifted a bit more backwards towards the third wheel as this frame was especially designed for speed slalom in order to give the frame more power and stability, because the skaters put more weight on the back of the frame in speed slalom. This frame is also amazing for recreational skating.

The most critical feature of this amazing set up is the Intuition V2 skate liners. These state of the art liners improve fit and maximizes energy transfer! Using Intuitions propriety high density foam these liners will get molded perfectly to the shape of your foot with your body heat within a few hours of use. These liners are thinner and more comfortable than any thing else on the market! This is especially helpful when downsizing to a smaller shell for a closer fit and better control. The liner comes with two removable cuffs of different stiffness for improved control and comfort or if you like a lot of flex try them without either.

  • Skate type: 3-Wheeler
  • Boot Construction: Hardboot
  • Closure: Lacing + Buckles
  • Shockabsorber: Yes
  • Cuff: SEBA FR Cuff
  • Frame: SEBA 325 Aluminium Frame
  • Frame type: Flat
  • Bearings: SEBA Twincam MW9 Titanium
  • Wheels: SEBA Speed Wheels 125mm 85a
  • V2 Intuition Liners: Asymmetrical J bars, low volume mid foot, high density toe box, low volume power wrap, high impact heel wedges

 Feel the remarkable difference in fit and in action.


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