Ronin "Billet" Precision Truck Set

by: Ronin

These trucks are far from ordinary. They are something out of an entirely different arena than today’s standard trucks and “blank” killers. Bringing you the best in precision handling and ultimate build quality, Ronin Trucks will redefine your ride like never before. The Ronin truck Support Pin eliminates pivot slop and aligns the hangar with the pivot axis at all times during the lean, this greatly increases turn depth, even at lower angles, and improves overall traction significantly. This Support Pin also creates a center point for when the rider isn’t trying to turn at all. This inherent center point creates an unparalleled amount of stability. Ronin trucks use much taller bushings as well – these taller bushings create the potential for much great lean and turn. The Support Pin works together with tight tolerances all around to make sure Ronin Trucks are some of the grippiest downhill trucks out there. Of course, having tight tolerances all around may be grippier, but it improves slide quality as well. Sold as a set of 2 trucks.

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Type: Longboard Trucks

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