Rollerblade Twister Edge Womens Urban Inline Skates 2018

by: Rollerblade

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Designed to be quick and maneuverable the Rollerblade Twister Edge Urban Inline Skates are brand new for 2018 and about to become a fan favorite. These skates were designed specifically for skating the asphalt jungle with its 80mm wheels. You will get tons of comfort with a High Performance First Fit with specialized footbed and your feet will feel cool thanks to the Vented Shell. The all new extruded aluminum frame is perfect for transferring the energy of every stride to maximize your speed and stability.

  • Vented Molded Footbed
  • Shock Absorber
  • Supreme Wheels
  • Enhanced Wrapping Shell
  • First Fit High Performance Antimicrobial Liner


  • Skate Type: Urban
  • Skate Cuff Height: High
  • Skate Closure System: Cuff Locking Buckle, 45 Degree Buckle and Laces
  • Maximum Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Wheel Configuration: 80mm - 80mm - 80mm - 80mm
  • Wheel Durometer: 85A
  • Bearing Grade: Performance
  • Bearing Type: ILQ 7 
  • Speed: Moderate
  • Skate Frame Material: Extruded Aluminum 
  • Lining Material: V-Cut Liner
  • Ventilation: Medium
  • Brake Included? Yes


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