Rollerblade Twister Edge #3 Limited Edition W Black/Rose Gold Skates

by: Rollerblade

Twister Edge Edition #3 is an extremely versatile women's skate with a level of design and fit that continues the Twister family's reign as the benchmark skate in the industry. This limited edition model comes with rose gold accents that complement its performance. The shell, cuff, and liner work together to create a superior anatomical fit. The sole is designed with an Anti Torsion Box increasing control and stiffness. The 243mm frame, Supreme wheels, and Twincam bearings provide superior control and speed. Act quickly because these have just one small production run and are sure to be in high demand. The brake comes in the box.

The Rollerblade Twister Edge W in Rose Gold is a limited edition with gorgeous rose gold frame and accents.

This skate is an extremely versatile skate and changes the game for urban skating with a new design, fit and level of versatility to continue its reign as the benchmark skate in the industry.

The liner is specifically designed for women to accommodate the lower calf muscles and create an unmatched anatomical fit.

The sole features an Anti-Torsion Box increasing control and stiffness for better handling and performance.

The new Supreme wheels round out this product with a new elliptical profile for better carving and control.

Twister Edge W Edition #3 in Rose Gold is great in any urban environment, trail or secret skate spot and has one of the most compelling combinations of fit, support, speed and manoeuvrability.

The brake comes in the box.


  • Twister shell upper with v-cut cuff, vented molded, lateral slider
  • Cuff locking buckle, 45° buckle
  • Supreme 80mm / 85A wheels
  • High performance first fit v-cut liner
  • Specialised footbed
  • Shock Absorber
  • New extruded aluminium frame in rose gold
  • ILQ - 7 Plus bearings
  • Optional brake

Sizes: Listed below are in men's "unisex sizing" Please convert to your womens shoe size if necessary. 7.5-10.5

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