Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 110 Speed Skates - Size 7.5 Only - Sale

by: Rollerblade

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Rollerblade calls it Gravitational Torque Technology - Fiberglass wrapped boot for maximum foot support the carbon and fiberglass construction holds the heel and ankle, underlies the front foot and travels into the frame. All the power of the push is translated into forward motion with the 13.2” or 335mm long GT frame which holds four 110mm Hydrogen wheels. Are you serious about speed? Do you want quick carving at high revs downhill? This is the top of the line. Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 110 Inline Skates

What you get:
Rollerblade racing technology for maximum energy transfer
Boot wrapped in carbon fiberglass - at the heel, ankle, under the forefoot, connected to the frame
Made in the USA wheels - four 110mm (628mm length of one rotation on the path) wheels
laces up the side of the foot, not the middle - this is better for top of the foot blood circulation
Rollerblade designed unique HTO bearings - specifically created for skating - use them in your rollerskates too!

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