Rollerblade HYDROGEN PRO XFIRM Dual Duro 125MM WHEELS 6 Pack

by: Rollerblade

Hydrogen Pro 125mm wheels are specifically designed for racing, marathons and intense endurance skating. They are made in the USA with proprietary dual durometer formulas and core designs.

The premium dual formula consists of an inner ring made of softer urethane to provide better grip, traction and foot print and a firmer outer ring to enhance the overall performance for roll and wear. The unique 12 spoke core design flexes perfectly with each stride and bonds with the urethane to elevate the handling, shock absorption and response. The X-Firm hardness is ideal for outdoor marathon skating and will provide a level of grip, roll and rebound surpassing the expectations of a race wheel which is why they are the choice of Team Rollerblade.

The wheels are sold in sets of 6 and do not include bearings or spacers. If needed they require twelve  bearings and six 8mm spacers.

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