Rollerblade 280 Frames 4x90mm (1PR) 2022 - Set of 2 - Sale

by: Rollerblade

The Rollerblade 280 Frames are the same frames that come with the newer Rollerblade's Maxxum XT skates. They are offered as a replacement frame for Maxxum skates but they can also be used on any standard 165 mounting skate. They are made of extruded aluminum making them very strong and rigid so that you can have great power transfer in each stride. They have 165mm mount spacing and include all of the necessary hardware to remove and replace the frame. 

"The 280mm frame with a 4x90mm set up is the replacement for Maxxum skates and can be used on Twister skates as well. The 280 extruded aluminum frame provides torsional rigidity, an upgrade from 4x80, maneuverability and considered the ideal blend of control and speed by many. Hardware included: (8) racing axles, (4) mounting bolts
• REPLACEMENT FRAME for Maxxum skates and Twister skates"

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