Rollance Ice Frames

by: Ground Control

Note: Special order item. Please contact us below and we'll have a pair sent to you from Quebec. 

Rollance, formerly known as Roquet, produces UFS Ice Frames developed to fit on aggressive inline skates. Each Rollance frame is handmade to order in Quebec City by Jean-Denis Caron. Two UFS versions of these frames are available: a hockey frame and a freestyle frame for grinding.

  • Frame Material: 65D hardness urethane
  • Manufacturing process: just in time production, overmolding
  • Blade Material: 420 high carbon stainless, 3mm thick, 56HRC hardness
  • Radius of Blade: quad zone, 50mm flat middle, 4 meter radius midfoot, 0.24 meter radius backfoot and front foot
  • Mounting Standard: UFS
  • Sizes (recommended): 7-10, medium (can be a bit below and above but not recommended)
  • Weight: 260 grams

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