Razors SHIFT Aggressive Skates Boot Only

by: Razors

Introducing the new Razors SHIFT Skates: An all new design the combines the best elements of all razor skates, plus a new feature: quick change frame shift! This skate allows you to quickly shifts your frame set-ups in a just a few clicks. 

Link to video demonstration: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWLrfoaFfIP/?taken-by=razorsskateco

The Shift boot is a synthesis of the best elements from our most popular models, all combined with new attributes.  The shell has a slimmer shape reminiscent of the Cult mixed with the flat soled, bottomless boot concept of the SL.   With focus on improving the rider experience, we began reworking our designs and after three years, countless hours of testing, we have developed the Shift.

The beauty is in its simplicity.  When used solely as a street skate, t-nuts can be installed to completely secure the connection on the sole and boot; a connection that will hold up to the heavy demands of modern blading.  If you intend to use the skate for commuting, recreation, and/or street skating, the t-nuts can be removed for a quick and easy swapping between setups when hoping from spot to spot.  This new innovation is named  the IFC – Instant Frame Change.  By depressing 2 buttons on the base of the soul, you release the slider, and from that point – the soul, frame and wheels – from the boot.  Within seconds, you can snap on a fresh setup, all without having to access any of the UFS hardware, and you’ll be on your way.

The Razors Shift comes stock with a wicked comfortable liner, SL heelpad, new cuff with stash pocket for the buckle, GC Featherlite 3 frames setup anti-rocker with 64 mm wheels, and t-nuts preinstalled in the sole.  And of course, skaters can count on Razors’ legendary strength and riding performance. 


-          NEW slim boot shell

-          NEW Instant Frame Changing system

-          NEW 1-piece slider

-          NEW slimmer fit

-          NEW cuff with buckle stash pocket

-          NEW Razors liner with articulated ankle shape

-          Oversized heel pad


Note: This is a Boot Only. For those who have their own frames and wheels already.   

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