Razors LOCA Skates Boot Only

by: Razors

Razors is excited to introduce our new brand LOCA.  Designed by and for female skaters, the Loca skate comes with a new V-cut shaped cuff and a new smaller shell – tailored for those with smaller feet, but who demand heightened performance.  Based on Razors’ Shift shell - it comes with the Instant Frame Changing system - allowing an instant switch to free skating or big wheel setups.  The Loca features Reign V2 liners

  • 4/5 Shift boot in black with mint accent colors
  • IFC system (Instant frame changing)
  • New cuff with V-cut
  • 1-piece sliders
  • SL Gel heel pad for comfort and impact reduction
  • Reign V2 liner with reinforced Lycra lining and eyelets, improved carry strap
  • Size 4/5 require size 0 soul frames and sliders (mint & pink available)
  • Available in US sizes 4/5 (shell size 0) & 6/7/7.5 (shell size 1)

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