Razors Genesys Junior Complete Skates Black/Blue and Black/White Sale

by: Razors

The new Genesys Junior skate is the perfect skate for any kid starting out in the blade game. Able to adjust between sizes 3-6, this skate will stay comfortable while your feet are growing. And with the trusted Razors design that the pros use, you can count on this skate taking you to the next level!


• NEW, increased liner padding

• NEW, articulated ankle shape and heel support

• NEW Buckle receiver

• NEW 56 mm professional grade wheels

• Adjustable range from size 3-6

• Sturdy soul Frame platform

• Replaceable backslide plate

• Shock absorbing heel pad

• Ground Control frame 

• Anti-rocker grind wheels

We can set-up flat for you instead of anti-rocker if needed. Just give us a call 617-501-6389

• Large center gap for easy grinds

Now available in Black/Blue and Black/White (new color for 2017) 

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