Powerslide Swell Trinity Inline Skates Black 3x125 Complete

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The Powerslide Trinity Swell Skates 3x125 in Black, are the apex of cross-training triskates. Trinity 3x125 Frames provide unmatched control and stability, while increasing power at pushoff. Triskates offer a low, better center of gravity while enjoying the benefits of skating larger wheels (speed, roll and ability to get over cracks and bumps easily).  The triskate setup allows frames to be shorter, with the middle wheel directly under the foot for better center of gravity. 

Welded Uppers heat treat lacing to the mesh, reinforcing without any stitching or extra layers. Breathable and resistant, the soft uppers are fused to a lightweight, anatomically shaped shell with a nylon fiberglass base. Integrated ankle padding and lining provide a "sock-like" fit for superior comfort.

Welded Uppers ; 125mm 85A Wheels ; ABEC9 Bearings ; Megacruiser Brake 

  • Type: Cross-Training
  • Skill Level: Intermediate and Better
  • Fit Guidelines: Low, tight fitting toe box with Recall Fit liners to adapt to foot shape. High volume cuff. 

 Great comfortable fun inline skate. Ships for free!

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