Powerslide Swell Trinity Black Boot Only Sale

by: Powerslide

The Powerslide Trinity Swell Skates Black, are the apex of cross-training triskates. 

Welded Uppers heat treat lacing to the mesh, reinforcing without any stitching or extra layers. Breathable and resistant, the soft uppers are fused to a lightweight, anatomically shaped shell with a nylon fiberglass base. Integrated ankle padding and lining provide a "sock-like" fit for superior comfort.

  • Type: Cross-Training
  • Skill Level: Intermediate and Better
  • Fit Guidelines: Low, tight fitting toe box with Recall Fit liners to adapt to foot shape. High volume cuff. 

Note: This is an all Black Trinity Mount Swell - Boot Only. Use your pre-existing frames/wheels/bearings. 

If you need the complete version of this skate please order it here

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