Powerslide Swell Black Road 125 Complete Skates - Size 39 Only - Sale

by: Powerslide

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Swell Black Road 125 are rollerblades with five strong focus points - comfort, maneuverability, high speed, low center of gravity and good power transfer. A skate for cruising and long and short distances.

With the Swell series - Powerslide has re-written the book on fitness skates. Starting from scratch they have made every effort to create a unique and supreme fitness skate that offers lightweight, soft boot construction and also the favored 3-wheel setup.

The built-in liner makes the boot fit closely and makes the skate comfortable and very responsive. The power knit makes it breathable and ads for the comfortable fit. Due to the anatomical design of the shell with integrated ankle padding, there is no need for ankle padding. Therefor Powerslide has been able to make upper and lining one single layer.

The Trinity frame is a three-point mounted frame with a lowered center of gravity and optimized power transfer.

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