Powerslide Next SUV 2x150mm/3x150mm Off-Road Cuff Brake

by: Powerslide

The long-anticipated Powerslide SUV Off-Road Cuff Brake is finally here!!! Equip your SUV skates with 2x150mm and 3x150mm skates and gain this extra control you have been missing. Safety first! Accordingly to Powerslide, this cuff brake works with both air tires and Roadrunner polyurethane wheels! Accordingly to Powerslide, this heel brake does not work with Next 3×125 nor Doop Edge 2×150 skates!

All of the Powerslide SUV skates come with no brake, so many skaters choose to get one or even two brakes in order to improve safety and to increase the stopping power especially for downhill.

Please Note: This heel brake required drilling of 4 holes into the plastic cuff to attach the mounting plate. Also, two holes in the frame will have to be slightly enlarged with a 6mm drill bit to accommodate the original Powerslide mounting bolt. ProSkaters Place also provides a split-pin that could be used instead, if the client would like to refrain from drilling the frames. It should provide the same control, but it will be at the client’s discretion.

Sold in single units including all required hardware and an extra 3/16″ split-pin.

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