Powerslide Next Boot Only

by: Powerslide

Powerslide NEXT Boots only - Black.

Create your own skate with the Next Black, Powerslide's flagship urban TRINITY mounting hardshell boot. Thanks to the TRINITY mounting you have access to multiple options to set up your individual skate. 

The Next is the most sophisticated urban skate boot out there featuring plenty of options to customize your boot. Adjust the height or even cant your cuff. Cut off the wings of your upper shell to customize the flex of your boot. Adjust the length of the cuff wing and 45° flap by cutting off some material or choose between support and flex with the different lacing options the Next offers. Last but not least, the Next's X-slot mounting helps you to adjust the frame position under your boot. The Next comes with the MYFIT Recall dual liner, a heat-moldable liner. The RECALL memory padding also molds naturally with skate time, offing a great snug and comfy fitting right out of the box for endless skating pleasure.

Create the skate which suits you best or be flexible and switch between disciplines by adding a second frame setup to your skate. It's all up to you to maximize your fun on wheels. From hockey to freeride, SUV skating to commuting, downhill to aggressive skating or even ice skating - you can get it all with the Powerslide NEXT!

Item number: 520013

Powerslide's NEXT Trinity Boots Black. The first hardboot with Trinity Mounting. All black colors has them looking like a Stealth Fighter Jet. Compatible with any Trinity Mount Frame from Powerslide so that you can choose the wheel configuration and control your skating experience. NEXT boots have cutaway wings on the upper shell so that you can change the flex. Comes with replaceable toe guards, dual buckle closures to keep your feet locked in position and heat moldable MyFit Recall Dual Fit Liners (also molds naturally with skate time). 

Trinity mounting uses three mounting points that create a channel for the wheels, lowering the skate for better control, stability and power during pushoff. 

  • Type: Urban
  • Gender: Unisex 
  • Skill Level: All Levels (Brake Compatibility Dependent on Frame Chosen)
  • Fit Guidelines: Average width. Some break-in. Recall Fit Liners fit two full sizes. Molds naturally and/or can be heat molded. Unisex model.

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