Powerslide MyFit Custom Heat Molding Oven - Sale

by: Ennui

The MY FIT Custom oven can be used to customize the fit of all kinds of products. We have an extensice range of producs which can be heat moulded sich as inline and roller skates featuring carbon or glass fiber shells as well as MY FIT liners and MY FIT innersoles. The oven can also be used for ski boots, ice hockey skates or bicycle shoes. The perfect tool to heat mould your footwear..

Technical Features:

Power Consumption: 220-240 V / 50Hz

Output: 1600W

Capacity: 30L

Temperature Knob: max. 400°C

Function Knob: 6 Modes (off; upper heat; lower heat; upper + lower heat; upper heat + fan;

upper + lower heat + fan

Timer Knob

Indicator Light

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