Powerslide Epsilon Women's Complete Inline Skates Sale

by: Powerslide

The new Powerslide Phuzion Epsilon Pure Skates is a beautifully designed womens fitness skate with all the extras. Powerslide has put in a 3 layer padding liner with additional 3D latex foam on the ankle area for a perfect and comfortable fit. Powerslide's specially designed Alpha shell and cuff system is lightweight and built for support in mind thanks to a special blend of plastic composite and fiberglass. The Phuzion frame is strong 6061 aluminium for increased responsiveness and low center of gravity. Tucked within the frame's curves are Powerslides very own 84mm X-type core, 6-spoke wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. When you are ready to slow down from the speedy ride, the Phuzion Epsilon Pure is equipped with a height adjustable brake on the right skate.


  • Shell: The Alpha shell was designed with lightweight and support in mind. It is made out of a special composite compound that is nice and stiff thanks to the 10% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. This makes this shell especially strong and supportive.
  • Frame: The Powerslide UNITY frames are a decisive unique feature to all Powerslide fitness skates, as they lower, lighter and stronger than any other frame. The Powerslide UNITY frame is a one-piece construction, which makes it lighter and lower than any other fitness skating frame in the market. Rersulting in better stability and more skating fun. All UNITY frames can be adjusted to front and back, and sideways, so one can always find the perfect balance on his/her skates. The frame is made out of 6063 heat-treated T6 aircraft aluminium to be strong and lightweight, and fits 84mm wheels. The frame uses 8mm axles.
  • Wheels: The 84mm POWERSLIDE wheels feature a strong and unique 5-spoke core, perfect shape and radius for an excellent push and stride. Nice amount of 82A hard PU-material over the core to take away shocks and vibrations of the roads. Long lasting and high rebound Urethane makes these wheels a great choice for fast and easy cruising.
  • Bearings: The skate features ABEC 7 bearings lubricated with light grease. It has a strong and solid steel cage and 7 steel balls which are honed and finished to perfection to guarantee a smooth and nice roll.
  • Brake: The height adjustable brake system (HABS) offers a lot of advantages over the traditional heel brake. The braking surface has a bigger contact area, for a faster and more controlled braking action. The height adjustment function is perfect to find the preferred personal braking position, lower or higher, with straight legs for more braking power or angled legs. Also once worn down the brake pad can be lowered to keep the best braking point for more safety and security. The HABS is for sure the best and most effective heel brake system on the market. Easy to mount to the frame and replace, made out of the best possible materials. Available in different colours for replacement.
  • Cuff: The cuff was designed with lightweight and support in mind. It is made out of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 10% fibreglass, which was mixed into the material. This makes this cuff especially strong and supportive. Furthermore this skate is equipped with the custom cuff system, meaning you can adjust the width of the circumference of your lower legs to reach optimal closing function without any pressure points.

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