Powell Peralta Vato Rat Tie Dye Assembly 8 x 32.125

by: Powell Peralta

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    • Powell-Peralta Popsicle Construction
    • Mini Logo 7.75 Trucks
    • SHR 53mm 101a Wheels
    • Mini Logo Bearings
    • K12
    Deck Shape
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    Powell-Peralta Popsicle Construction - Powell Peralta Popsicle decks are made in Skate One AirLam presses using the same maple and glue to match their standard engineering specifications. These decks are light, thin, have excellent torsional rigidity, and crisp pop.


    Mini Logo 7.75 Trucks - Mini-Logo trucks combine strength, stability and smooth turning in a lightweight design with premium alloys, high-rebound bushings, and precision axles. Developed and tested at Skate One, the shape, materials and finishes have been refined for skaters right from the first turns and grinds. No break-in time needed!


    Mini Logo Bearings - Mini Logo precision bearings are skate rated to Skate One specifications. They feature removable shields on both sides, high-speed molded ball retainers and precision-ground, hardened chromium steel races and balls. Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream for a fast roll right right out of the box.


    K12 - A double kick nose with extra deep concave that adds significant stiffness to a deck. This allows them to reduce a K12 deck’s thickness and weight without losing pop and response. It also features a steep, flat nose and tail.

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