Orangatang Onsen Wheels 58mm 100a

by: Orangatang

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The Orangatang Onsen Park skateboard wheels blend the best attributes of traditional skateboard, park and longboard wheels. The high-strength, heat-resistant, glass-free urethane core helps the wheels wear evenly while increasing roll speed. The Onsens feature Orangatang's Perky Thane formula that has enough grip to hold your line in a bowl, but can still deliver a predictable slide and smooth hookup. Legend has it that the color used in Onsen wheels comes from the bathwater of Japanese business men, which is why they're best used in the park and pool. Rounded lips prevent getting hung up in the coping, and a smooth, sanded finish ensures the Onsens are ready to roll right out of the box.
Set of 4 Wheels
Durometer (Hard to Soft):
Diameter (mm): 58.0
Riding Surface (mm): 19.0
Suggested Riser Size (in): 1/8 - 1/4


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