Orangatang Harfang Kegel Longboard Wheels 80mm 83a

by: Orangatang

80mm diameter | 56mm width/contact | 83a durometer| offset bearing seat

Orangatang now proudly offers the Kegel race wheels supercharged with a Stage 1 tread pattern by Harfang Wheels for all your wet-weather needs. 

Stage 1 tread is recommended as a first all-around rain wheel. It works great in straight and sideways (progressive edges) and provides lots of water removal.

Currently available in 83a and Stage 1. If you're interested in a different durometer or tread pattern, please let us know.

The Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamroller action and the obliteration of a variety of small mammals. The large 80mm diameter generates high roll speeds while a moderate width of 56 mm allows for a versatile balance of traction and slide response. A cantilevered outer lip with a straight profile is pliable enough to hug the road for grip while also ensuring consistent performance as the wheel wears. The shorter inner lip features a subtle inward bevel for race-worthy traction and predictable drifts.

A fully-exposed 46mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section reduces weight while providing good acceleration, lots of momentum, and crisp slides. This core uses the same high-strength, high-stiffness, and heat-resistant material we developed and use in the entire Orangatang product line.

The Kegel is poured using the Happy urethane formula. Tested and proven over the years in Orangatang's 75mm In Heat and 70mm 4President race wheels, Happy thane has the ideal blend of grip, buttery slide consistency, and vibration damping for controllable and intuitive downhill performance.

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.

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