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For 2016/17 the award-winning IPO received some well-deserved finessing, which entailed getting fitted with not only the Freewing highback, for added lateral support and a taller profile, but also the NEW SIEVA straps and NEW buckles 2.0. The IPO is a go-to binding that excels in all types of terrain. *Skate-Tech built-in.

This is the perfect match for the weekend slayer or buddy who banks a 100+ days/year. It can, and will, handle the snowboarding gauntlet.

IPO Tech:

  •  Skate-Tech
  •  Flushcup Technology
  •  Highcup compatibility
  •  NEW SIEVA straps (patent pending)
  •  NEW buckles 2.0
  •  Hanger is nylon reinforced with 30% fibreglass
  •  NEW 3-D minimal toe straps
  •  NOW tool-less adjuster straps
  •  Freewing highback
  •  Disc ring: 50% GF Nylon
  •  Disc: 50% GF Nylon
  •  Two disc options: 4x4 hole pattern and EST channel disc available
  •  Bushings available in medium (45 shore)
  •  Lifetime warranty program
  •  Flex rating: 6
  •  All-mountain/freestyle

Men's Sizing

US 5-7.5
EU 36.5-40
MD 23-25.5

US 7.5-10
EU 40-43
MD 25.5-28

US 10-14
EU 43-48
MD 28-32

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