NGV Nextboard - Worlds Fastest Electric Skateboard - Available in-store only

by: NGV

This is the worlds fastest electric longboard that can reach up to 68 mph (110 km/h). A super light carbon chassis is powered by 4 in-wheel motors that are controlled by NGV's in-house developed software.

As the Nextboard was designed with the advanced rider in mind, top speed and acceleration will be influenced by the battery used. The rider must be aware of the risks involved with these speeds. The package does not include the battery so you can adjust it to your needs and capabilities. We have a list of recommended batteries to use with this board. 

Delivery within 45 days. Available in-store pre-order only. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a test ride. 

How fast does it go?

Assuming two 6S 25C Li-Po batteries are used in series, the top speed can be a bit over 62 MPH/100 km/h.

How far does it go?

On one 6S 25C 9000 mAh Li-Po the real world cruising range at about 25 MPH/40 km/h  is about 8 mi/13 km. Range is doubled if two batteries are used in parallel. Varies with surface quality, elevation differences, ambient temperature and average speed.

Does it go uphill?

Yes, it does. >25% gradient at 15 mph, rider weight around 200 lbs. Check our Youtube channel for an example of top uphill speed.

How heavy is it?

The board dry (no batteries) is 7kg / 15 lbs.

Is it waterproof?

The Nextboard is weather-sealed, it’s completely safe riding it in the rain. It is not certified waterproof so use your own judgement on how wet the surface is and how dangerous it would be riding a board with slick wheels.

When will my order ship?

Once pre-ordered boards will take about 45 days to become available. 

Are the batteries and charger included?

For this first batch there will be no batteries and charger included, due to difficulties regarding shipping of high-performance Li-Po batteries. We will assist all customers with battery and charger choices and release an in-depth guide on battery/charger compatibility. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Will you offer spare parts?

Spare parts will be available, the biggest factor here are wheels since they get worn out. The Nextboard’s wheels are easily replaceable without removing the motor (4 screws per wheel).

DIMENSIONS 103 x 30 x 15 cm

Up to 110 km/h (68 MPH)


16 km (10 miles) with one 6S battery, 32 km (20 miles) with two 6S batteries in parallel

Contact us if you would like more info or to schedule a test ride (demo) 

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