Matter G13 CHR Inline Skate Wheels - 125mm Single Wheel F0 - The Fastest - BFCM Sale

by: Matter

The Matter G13 wheel has been one of the best wheels in terms of performance-driven design and functionality. Being one the preferred wheels by many Grand Prix level skaters it will surely cover the needs of most skaters.

The PU formula is in a league of its own. And for this season the Matter wheels have been further developed with the addition of their CHR core. It is a nylon core with a flexible design that will help you maximize and perfect each individual stride in order to make the most of your training or competitive skating.


Model Wheel hardness
125mm - F0 F0
125mm - F1 F1


Wheels per pack:
Wheel diameter:
Core material:
F0 is 88a - Great for durability and grip! These wheels are fast!!!

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