Longboard Larry The Mole Deck Only

by: Longboard Larry

Over the last year Longboard Larry has been working closely with Cole Kurtz to create a versatile board that can handle everything from the parking lot to downhill races. Whether you are a speed freak or a flatland geek this board is for you! Featuring a nose and tail to keep your inner kook happy and a standing platform designed to give you leverage and stability at speed, this board is an all inclusive package of functionality.


  • Dimensions: 40” x 9.75”
  • Wheelbase: 25-27- A handful of wheelbase options to help cater the deck to your liking.
  • Drop: 2/7” - The gentle drop in this board helps provide stability and comfort, without sacrificing grip.
  • 5/8TH IN. Radial Concave: This is the same classic concave we have been using on the Manatee for years! Simple and sweet.
  • Rocker: .25”- A subtle .25” rocker help provide a comfortable locked in feeling at higher speeds.
  • Mole Mound Location Feature: The Mole Mound is a location feature for the front foot. As the 2/7” Drop begins to taper off into the concave, a small bump at the center of the board raises up creating an extra point of leverage for the front foot.
  • Mole Tunnel W Concave: A mellow tunnel of W Concave runs through the middle of the board and subtly dissipates into the 5/8th” Radial Concave before reaching the drops, providing maximum leverage and comfort while tucking and in corners.
  • Asymmetrical Nose and Tail: Fully functional noses and tails for added versatility.

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