Loaded Coyote TJ Limited Edition Complete or Deck

by: Loaded

We're stoked to announce the latest addition to the Loaded family: The Coyote!

Based on the overwhelming response last year to the Kut-thaka, we've re-imagined that deck with a new maple construction while keeping the same ergonomic curvatures, functional kicktail, and wheel flares you've come to love. Straight outta TJ! We're breaking down the walls!

Starting at $199 for a complete, the Coyote will be our Artist Collab board and will feature limited-edition signature graphics by artists we love. This first version features a bright and playful graphic from our good friend and local mural phenom Teddy Kelly.  Learn more about the board with this board breakdown video!

  • Length: 30.75”
  • Width: 8.375”
  • Wheelbase: 17.5”
    • Construction: custom 7-ply maple with thicker cross veneers for optimal deck stiffness
    • Deck available un-gripped only: $79 retail
    • Custom griptape: $17 retail
    • Our Go-To Coyote Completes:
      • Coyote complete with Paris 149mm Street trucks and Orangatang 62mm Skiffs for a more street-inspired ride: $199
      • Coyote complete with Paris V3 150mm 50° trucks and Orangatang 65mm Fat Frees for a slashy commuter/freestyle experience: $219


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