Loaded Algernon Snowboard Multiple Sizes

by: Loaded

The ultimate goal for our first board was not-so-simple: engineer a board that excels in all conditions - from crust to fluff - and for all riders, from alaskan chargers to progressive freestylers. By applying years of material r&d and team rider feedback in skateboarding, we've created a truly unique snowboard: the algernon.

Now for the details. The algernon incorporates a custom loaded bamboo core that is run from tip to tail and edge to edge without additional materials, stringers or sidewalls. The elimination of sidewalls reduces weight, allows for reliable flex and a snappy, uninterrupted edge to edge feel.

Bamboo provides the perfect combination of responsiveness and dampening, resulting in a smooth yet uniquely lively ride. Hand inlayed cork footbeds further reduce vibration and complement the bamboo aesthetically.


The algernon shape is directional, yet twin between the wide points with a slightly longer nose for powder. The profile is our mustache camber, a subtle combination of camber and early rise allowing for solid edge hold, powerful snap, and an intuitive feel while being less catchy than a traditional camber.

The stance is centered on the sidecut with the addition of extra binding inserts for a very set back riding position perfect for powder. You can hit the steep and deep in the morning and lap the park in the afternoon all with the same board.

The algernon comes hand sharpened and de-tuned with One Ball Jay Bio-Wax.

Loaded offers a limited lifetime warranty on every skateboard and snowboard we produce.


Building a snowboard from scratch allowed us to develop a new sizing system for the algernon. typically, boards are designed for a specific rider, usually a pro, and then scaled up and down from that template. We created a formula considering boot size, stance width and rider weight and then applied this to each individual board size: essentially creating four unique boards that all ride exactly as calculated for the respective rider.


Size 150 154 157 160w
Contact Length 97 99 102 104
Tip Length 17.5 18 18 18.5
Tail Length 15 15.5 15.5 15.5
Tip & Tail Width 28 28.5 29 30.5
Waist Width 23.8 24.4 25 26.2
Sidecut Radius (M) 8.11 8.28 8.5 8.69
Effective Edge 118 120 123 126
Centered Stance 51.5 51.5 54 57
Setback 0 0 0 0
Powder Setback 32 32 32 32


Mustache Camber - Snappy, less catchy


Directional Twin - Twin between wide points, slightly longer nose for powder and directional charging


Twin - Sturdy platform under/around foot for charging and softer tips for buttery fun


Radial for smoother lines


100% vertically laminated bamboo


Pre-cure biaxial top, wet lay-up triaxial bottom


Sintered UHMW


Full-wrap stainless steel


None, core is maintained edge to edge


Centered six-pack on sidecut with additional set-back inserts for powder


Cork underfoot provides additional cushioning and dampering


High performance sharpened and de-tuned with One Ball Jay Bio-Wax

Loaded Snow - The Algernon from Loaded / Orangatang Films on Vimeo.


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