Landyachtz Bottle Rocket Astro Chimp Complete - Sale

by: Landyachtz

This board is for the kids! We’ve scaled the concave, kicktails and wheelbase to perfectly fit the little rippers in your life. It’s the ideal shape and size to get any child completely hooked on skating. We use Bear trucks, Hawgs wheels and Spaceball bearings on all our completes so you know you’re buying your child a quality board. Hook’em for life with the Landyachtz Mighty Mite!

This compact popsicle shape has been scaled down to a manageable 29” long by 7.6” wide with a 12.8” wheelbase to allow for easy maneuvering by smaller riders. 7 ply Canadian Maple construction keeps the board stiff and light while giving the board the same snappy pop as our full size ATV series boards. The Mighty Might comes complete with 130mm Polar Bear trucks with soft bushings well suited to lighter riders and 60mm 88a Lil Ez Hawgs that are a perfect middle ground between a super hard skatepark wheel and a soft cruiser wheel.

Length: 29"
Width: 7.62"
Wheelbase: 12.81"

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