Landyachtz Battle Axe Chill Bird 38 Complete

by: Landyachtz

Dig into the old Landyachtz Warchest and you're sure to find a dinged up Battle Axe or two. This shape has been in the lineup for some time because it's durable as all get without sacrificing responsiveness or versatility. Ride anything and ride into anything (maybe not anything), the Battle Axe can handle it. The difference between the Chill Bird and the Fox Battle Axes, aside from the graphic, is the grip. The Chill Bird has a clear spray-on grip, the Fox has black sheet grip. Both are made with 100% Canadian Maple, drop through, have a rocker shape, and medium concave.

Stock Landyachtz complete with authentic parts. We can change up the components to increase or decrease the complete price. If desired.

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