Kizer Type M or Type X Replacement Hardware Axle Set 8 Pack

by: Kizer

The Kizer Axles and Spacers for Type M or X Frames, 8mm 8pk is a complete parts replacement kit for Kizer Type M or Type X Frames. 

This kit includes the 2-piece axles, frame spacers and bearings spacers.
  • Contains (all pieces are aluminum):
    • 8 x 2-piece Kizer Type M/M2/X Axles
    • 8 x 8mm Bearing Spacers
    • 16 x 8mm frame spacers
    • Some Freestyle frames come with the frame spacers molded into the frame and therefore, will not need the frame spacers

The Kizer Type M Axels Fit all Type M frames.

They are a bit to long for most other frames like the Kizer Fluid III and IV.

The diameter of the axel is 8mm.

8 axels in one set.

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