Kizer Level 2 Frames

by: Kizer

Looking for a way to use your aggressive skates for transportation or training when your not aggressive skating? 

Look no further! These Kizer Powerblade Level 2 UFS frames are a new generation of powerblading frames, unlike the Kizer Advance and Arrow frames the Level 2 frames come with a 1-3/8" h-block. The Level 2 frames are 1/4" taller and 1" longer than the Kizer Advance frames, with recessed frame edges to prevent you from sliding around when taking sharp turns.  The Level 2 frames can be used with up to a 76mm inline wheel to increase stability and balance, also to give you the speed and performance of an inline skate with your aggressive skates without the need to purchase a separate expensive pair of skates. 

These also work good if you want to use your aggressive skates for training and fitness. 

For the best match, pair these frames up with a set of the Undercover Powerblade inline wheels (sold separately).
  • Length: 10"
  • Max inner and outer wheel size: 76mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Comes with 8mm axles
  • Wheels sold separately

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