Khiro Shock Pads Small 0.62" (Set of 2)

by: Khiro

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Shock Pads were originally produced in the (70’s) and are an integral part of Skateboarding, they absorb a great amount of shock absorption giving you a smoother ride. Khiro shock pads are designed to offer you the best performance and dependability. All Khiro shock pads are made of a specially formulated material to absorb the hard landings and tough riding conditions.Khiro went the extra mile to fill your needs by producing ‘Small’; as well as ‘Large’; shock pads in a variety of (Thicknesses) for all styles of skateboarding, such as, ‘Longboarding’, ‘Slalom’, ‘Street’, ‘Banks’, ‘Bowls’, ‘Rails’, ‘Gaps’, ‘Pipes’, ‘Transition’, ‘Big Vert’, ‘Downhill’, ‘Luge’, where ever your board takes you we have a pad.
Note: All Khiro Risers are manufactured with ‘Old School’ and ‘New School’ (Hole Patterns) and the unique ‘Manifold’ style design adds strength as well as performance to you ride.

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