K2 Trio 100 UFS Skates - Size 6, 7, 12 Only - Super Sale

by: K2

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K2 Trio Skates are the first 3-wheel inline skates from K2.  The boots have great ventiallation, with a triple closure system to keep feet secure and the boots responsive. Large 100mm wheels get over cracks and bumps with ease, and roll for days. The Trio boots use UFS mounting, and the stock UFS frames allow for rockering for endless customization options.

Boots are compatible with any brand UFS mount frame, including K2's new R80 4x80 and R100 4x100 frames. frames are rockerable and mount UFS, allowing for lots of customization.  Multiple straps (two are removable) and an elastic stabilizer on the forefoot.

UFS Aluminum Frames ; 100mm 90A wheels ; ILQ7 Bearings  
Brake Included

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