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Intuition skate liners improve fit and maximizes energy transfer! Using Intuitions propriety high density foam these liners will get molded perfectly to the shape of your foot with your body heat within a few hours of use. These liners are thinner and more comfortable than any thing else on the market! This is especially helpful when downsizing to a smaller shell for a closer fit and better control. The liner comes with two removable cuffs of different stiffness for improved control and comfort or if you like a lot of flex try them without either.


Fit Chart:

 Foot length:  Liner size: Seba FR Shell size:
21-22.5cm XS 34-35
23-24cm XS 36-37
24.5-25.5cm S 38-39
26-27cm M 40
27.5-28.5cm M 41-42
29.5-30cm L 43-44
30.5-32cm XL 45-47

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