Indo Board Kicktail Rasta Mini Deck/Kit - Sale

by: Indo

The Indo Board Mini Kicktail deck is 32” X 8.75” and is exactly like a skateboard deck, but without concave, and comes with a smaller 5” diameter roller. The Indo Board Mini Kicktail is designed specifically for skateboarders that want to practice and perfect their tricks while hanging out at home.  The Indo Board Mini Kicktail is thicker and heavier than a normal skate deck so that it can withstand repetitive tricks. The Indo Board Mini Kicktail is specifically designed for big skate tricks such as ollies, kickflips, shuv-its, varial flips, rail slides, grabs & transfers.


Kicktail Series:

  • Two deck sizes available:  Pro:  40” X 10” and Mini: 32” X 8.75, both with non-slip grip coat
  • Roller size:  Pro: 6.5” diameter  and Mini:  5” diameter, both with 3 non-slip strips
  • Deck construction:  11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch
  • Weight limit:  170 lbs

Board Specs

Indo Board Kicktail models are made with premium grade, 11/16” Baltic Birch plywood. Indo Board kicktail models thicker and are built to be stronger than traditional skateboard decks so that they hold up to the rigors of daily use and tricks such as big ollies. Just like skateboards, however, Indo Board kicktail models may break due to extreme tricks or abuse so use at your own risk. Since 1998 the Indo Board kicktail models have been the #1 brand of skateboard training tools available.

  • Deck dimensions: Pro model: 40” X 10”, Mini model: 32” X 8.75”
  • Roller size: Pro model: 6.5” diameter, Mini model: 5” diameter
  • Weight limit: PRO = 190 lbs | Mini = 145-165 lbs
  • Deck construction: 11/16” Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with non-slip surface
  • Roller construction: indestructible molded plastic with three strips of grip tape
  • Includes: deck, roller and instructional DVD

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