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Adding to the griptape options available to riders, Hella Grip brings you their new "Formula G" griptape. The "G" must stand for "Golly, this is some extra gritty grip tape!" because that's exactly what it is: an even grittier formula than the classic Hella Grip tape. It's still the same high-performance silicone carbide grit formula, but with some extra added grit for a more abrasive style that some riders prefer. Formula G grip tape will work for any rider, whether you ride park or street; but is also an excellent option for dirt scooters due to its super-grippy surface.

Like all Hella griptape, Formula G sheets are made in the USA, feature a tear-proof and water-proof PVC liner, weatherproof adhesive, and measure 6" x 24" to fit nearly any scooter deck. Currently, Formula G is available in the classic blue & yellow Hella logo style.


  • Extra Gritty
  • Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Tear-Proof/Water-Proof PVC Liner
  • Weatherproof Adhesive
  • 6" x 24" Sheet Sized for Any Scooter Deck
  • Classic Hella Grip Logo (Ice Box)
  • Made In USA

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