GoBLOCK Riser Kit

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GoBLOCK Riser Kit standard mount for GoPro Hero® cameras. Get a completely new perspective on your daily rides without losing the functionality of your board, keeping your feet free and clear so you can maximize your shredding experience. This is without a doubt, the coolest GoPro Hero camera mount for your skateboard on the market today.

GoPro Mount and Universal Risers

The GoBLOCK™ provides the lowest profile mount and best point of view for your action sports camera. Tucked beneath your board and protected by your wheels and trucks, not only is the mount out of the way of your feet, but it is located in the safest place on your entire setup.

The patent pending BettyBOX™ allows you to quickly interchange your action camera to the front or rear truck in seconds and without the need for any tools. The dual-finger locking tabs keeps your camera secure and stable. The shape of the GoBLOCK™ also allows for a great grip when serving as a handheld mount.

GoBLOCK™ works perfectly for drop thru decks by pairing the TopBLOCK™ with the BettyBOX™ to lock the camera mount securely into place atop of your deck.

Don’t forget, you don’t need sticky adhesives, replacement parts, or have to cut your grip tape to make it work. This is a one time purchase (unless you want one for both trucks) that has been battle tested by our pros in the field. The mount is so durable that it survived a 1, 2, and 3 story drop test.

Pro tip:

BLOCKs Fresh Nutz fit to mix and match with the GoNutz. The GoBLOCK action camera thumb screw will conveniently fit standard skate hardware so don’t stress.


  • Combos are available in Blue, Green, Purple and Red
  • Standard Kit Includes: BettyBOX Set (2 risers) & GoBLOCK mount
  • Drop Thru Kit Includes: Standard Kit + 4 TopBLOCKs
  • 111mm x 50mm x 9.5mm
  • 3/8" Flat Riser
  • Fits all 3838 Flat BLOCK inserts.
  • Fits all skateboards and trucks

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