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The Gnu Forest Space Case EC2 BTX Snowboard not only shreds the entire mountain with a fun, freestyle-specific feel, but it does so in a harmonious, asymmetric fashion. Gnu weirdo, Forest Bailey, rocks this asymmetric twin for his far-out freestyle riding, but it caters to anyone looking for a fun, poppy deck with astounding balance and edge hold.

The Forest Space Case offers four asymmetric differences that'll have you riding more balanced than ever before. Normally the board's heel and toeside edges have the same contact length, i.e. the edge length that bites into the snow. However, this board has a shorter heelside contact edge to allow for easier heelside turns. Combined with its deeper heelside sidecut (shorter radius) and softer heelside flex, you'll be able to crank heelside turns with unprecedented precision. Add in asymmetric tip and tail shapes and you have one radical board that works with your body for easier turning.

An EC2 BTX profile caters to all-mountain freestyle riders looking for the fun, playful feel of Gnu's original banana rocker (BTX) with just a bit more bite and responsiveness. Basically, there's a rocker between the feet, which allows for enhanced float in powder and a buttery, jib-friendly feel. Starting just before the inserts, the board offers elliptical camber that runs to the contacts. Having these camber zones underfoot adds response when carving at high speeds, plus it enhances snap off big kickers and freestyle features.

Under the hood of this asymmetric freestyle board, you'll find a Pickle Barrel Blend of incredibly lightweight paulownia and strong, snappy aspen wood. Reinforced Space Bars along the center combat heavy abuse from slamming onto rails, jibs, and park features. Soaking up bumps, uneven terrain and sketchy landings, the board's Liquid Crystal Polymer fibers are incredibly strong, effectively smoothing out the board's ride while delivering an extra dose of pop. Add in mellow Mini Magne-Traction edges and you have an all-terrain freestyle deck that can carve, jump, and jib with the best of 'em.

  • Asymmetric, mid-flexing board for freestyle fun in the park and out
  • Profile delivers float in pow and easy jibbing, also tons of response
  • Blend of lightweight, snappy woods in core provide strength and pop
  • Asymmetirc shape lets you to rail out precise carves with control
  • Magne-traction edges locks into ice-ridden, hardpacked snow
  • Triax and biax fiberglass ensures a healthy blend of flex and response
  • Sintered base keeps you flying past your friends, even in slow spots
  • Gnu snowboards are handbuilt here in the USA

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