Gawds Franky Morales 68mm/88a Wheels 4 Pack

by: Gawds

The GAWDS Franky Morales Pro Wheels 68mm 88A is larger then most aggressive wheels. Larger wheels are faster and smoother but be sure your frames are able to support this larger size that provides for more speed. Some skates may require dremeling or shaving down on the bottom of the boot. 

The brainchild of pro veteran Franky Morales, GAWDS wheels are made with bladers in mind. When you've had as much experience as Franky has, you know what you want and need. They are US made and high quality urethane. 

  • Price is for a 4-pack
  • Size: 68mm
  • Type: Aggressive
  • Hardness: 88A
  • Hub: Standard 608 TriCore Hub
  • Profile: Round

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