Freshpark Launch Ramp

by: Freshpark

This is a great starting poing or all you need for driveway/ parking lot fun. We bring this to skateboard lessons and it can be used as a launch ramp, 1/4 pipe, grind ledge or rail. 

Launch Ramp

The Launch Ramp is curved for a smooth transition and taller jumps- it is great for for transitioning onto grind rails and fun boxes. Skate it by itself or connect it to the Freshpark Fun Boxes, Wedge Ramps, Grind Rails or other Launch Ramps.

*Lasts 10 times longer than wood ramps*

- Foldable & Portable
- Durable & Weatherproof
- Multiple Configurations

Product Specs:
Size: 37" L x 47" W x 16" H
Weight:  86 LBS
Maximum Weight: 500 lbs
Folds in half and stacks flat

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