FR- Spin 310 Complete Skates Black - Super Sale

by: FR

The new FR SPIN Skates are available in 2 versions:

- FR SPIN: 4 wheels, Freestyle Slalom / All Around Skates. Designed to perform freestyle tricks and skate around the city. Equipped with carbon shell and rockerable frame.

- FR SPIN 310: This 3x110mm version is a fun and sporty Urban Speed skate, very light, to go fast through the city and have great sensations along the way. 

The FR Spin skates are high quality products, made with Carbon and Fiber glass, at an affordable price.

FR SPIN 4 Wheels:
- Size 35 to 40:
Frames: FR - R2-R 476 FRAMES - BLACK - 231mm  (Rockerable Frames)
Wheels: FR - DOWNTOWN WHEEL 76mm/85A - BLACK 
- Size 41 to 45:
Frames: FR - R2-R 480 FRAMES - BLACK - 243mm  (Rockerable Frames)
Wheels: FR - DOWNTOWN WHEEL 80mm/85A - BLACK

FR Premium Insole
FR Wheel Covers included


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