Flatland3D Wedge Riser (set of 2) – for Boosted Boards

by: Flatland3D

For decades, longboarders have been using wedge risers to adjust their turn radius and carving feel. A wedge riser works by changing the truck hanger angle. If you install a wedge with the thick side toward the center of the board, you get more truck turn for the same amount of board lean. flatland3d Wedge Risers only install one way, which gives you a tighter turn radius. Experiment with installing a wedge on just your front truck, or, for the tightest turn radius, try wedging both trucks. Flatland3D wedges are meant to be installed along with a Bash Guard or stock riser.

WARNING: Do not install a wedge on the rear truck alone, without also installing one on the front. This will cause your tail to move outward more than your nose during a turn, which is highly unstable and can cause what are known as “speed wobbles.”

ALSO NOTE: Stacking Wedge Risers and Shock Pads on the same truck is not recommended. If you decide to try it, it will likely require longer deck hardware. Skateboard hardware comes in a variety of sizes at your local skate shop.

Flatland3d Wedge Risers are made from 3d printed high strength ABS plastic, and are sold as a set of two.

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